We are trying to build an application which is going to use WSO2 identity server to authenticate with IDP initiated SSO .

I have tried out the travelocity.com example in the WSO2IS tutorials , and I can understand that the "default" authentication type as Local Outbound Authentication uses the Primary user store to perform authentication :

enter image description here

What I need to understand is , how do I map a UserStore to work with a particular service provider , I am performing SSO as IDP initiated ?

Is it something I can manage inside the WSO2 Management Console ? OR do I have to modify the authenticationendpoint webapp?


It isn't limited to the PRIMARY user store and if you have multiple secondary user stores, it'll try to authenticate the user with every user store until the authentication is success.

Limiting a user store to a certain service provider is currently not available in the Identity Server but you can write a custom authenticator and achieve this requirement. Here is a guide on how to write a custom local authenticator. Basically what you have to do is, overide the processAuthenticationResponse method and pick the user store accordingly.

  • Hi Jayanga, Could you please share exact line of codes to get specific user store in method "processAuthenticationResponse" ?? Assuming I have a secondry user store "CustomUserStore". – Agam Nov 6 '17 at 17:44
  • You can use following code to get the PRIMARY user store and from it you can get the secondaries as well. UserStoreManager userStoreManager = (UserStoreManager) BasicCustomAuthenticatorServiceComponent.getRealmService().getTenantUserRealm(tenantId).getUserStoreManager(); – Jayanga Kaushalya Nov 7 '17 at 9:36

Based on you described requirement, I would like to suggest another approach to achieve the same.

In WSO2 Identity Server you have the capability engage a policy in the authentication flow. So using a policy we can restrict which user stores are allowed for a particular service provider.

Check out https://medium.com/@Pushpalanka/application-wise-authorization-wso2-identity-server-user-store-per-service-provider-dfea5f9ad758 for a detailed explaination.

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