Looking in the conventional place: View -> Customize Touch Bar... The option is not present. Is this option not currently available? I'd like to disable most of the options it provides is where I am going.

I continually accidentally press the Forward and Back buttons while editing and it has become annoying very quickly.

I figured I would ask while I attempt update my finger muscle memory.

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    What touch bar? – ifconfig Nov 2 '17 at 4:43
  • @ifconfig - On a 2016+ MacBook Pro - added macos tag. – Ed Randall May 13 '20 at 7:06

I kept running into this issue as well and it was quite frustrating. I appreciate the ability to customize via an extension, but I really like the drag-and-drop mechanism provided universally (or nearly) that is missing here.

As a result, I ended up disabling the touch bar within VS Code by going to:

Code -> Preferences -> Settings

and then:

Application -> Keyboard

There you will find the checkbox for enabling/disabling the touch bar on macOS. Hope this helps someone else discover it quickly!

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    Ah, this must be a new setting in recent VS Code releases. Probably the preferred way over my other way below: stackoverflow.com/a/48428763/1060314. I'll mark this as the answer since it's now supported. – AJ Venturella Oct 1 '18 at 20:23
  • Even though I have "Touch bar shows App Controls in System Preferences, I always just get the F keys, it's really annoying. I've added a bunch of Touch Bar extensions to no avail as well. Any ideas what's wrong? Thanks. – sming Feb 23 '20 at 3:48
  • @sming what happens if you hit the fn key on the keyboard? If you see the touchbar controls then it's just your macos touchbar settings have been set to always show the function keys by default. You can change this setting following the other answer here stackoverflow.com/a/48428763/5189714 – TimmyGee Jan 15 at 14:35
  • @TimmyGee I'll check it out, thanks. FWIW I've purchased BTT and it finally makes the Touch Bar useful. I have my agenda, htop, volume & brightness sliders on it. Game changer. – sming Jan 16 at 13:34
  • Ahh. I didn't realise Better Touch Tool allowed touch bar customisations now too. I will check that out! – TimmyGee Feb 2 at 18:40

You could check out the Nasc VSCode Touchbar extension

Customisable Mac touch bar

It allows you to choose from a bunch of preset commands by updating your settings.json to toggle buttons on/off

There are some other extensions you can try out that have come out since time of this post's publishing: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/search?term=touchbar&target=VSCode&category=All%20categories&sortBy=Relevance


    nasc-touchbar.goToDefinition: true,
    nasc-touchbar.goToNext: false,
    // ..etc

And if you're game you can write your own.


I just ended up making it always show function keys:



System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts Tab

At the bottom of the left pane, you will see Function Keys select that. On the right hand side you can +/- apps you want to always show the function keys.


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