I found that someone has asked a relevant question before PintOS, kernel panic with -v option bochs on ubuntu

However, I tried but it didn't work. "pintos -- run alarm-multiple" seems fine but when I do "make check"

...... Run didn't start up properly: no "Pintos booting" message pintos -v -k -T 480 --bochs -- -q -mlfqs run mlfqs-block < /dev/null 2> tests/threads/mlfqs-block.errors > tests/threads/mlfqs-block.output perl -I../.. ../../tests/threads/mlfqs-block.ck tests/threads/mlfqs-block tests/threads/mlfqs-block.result FAIL tests/threads/mlfqs-block Run didn't start up properly: no "Pintos booting" message FAIL tests/threads/alarm-single FAIL tests/threads/alarm-multiple FAIL tests/threads/alarm-simultaneous FAIL tests/threads/alarm-priority FAIL tests/threads/alarm-zero FAIL tests/threads/alarm-negative FAIL tests/threads/priority-change FAIL tests/threads/priority-donate-one FAIL tests/threads/priority-donate-multiple FAIL tests/threads/priority-donate-multiple2 FAIL tests/threads/priority-donate-nest FAIL tests/threads/priority-donate-sema FAIL tests/threads/priority-donate-lower FAIL tests/threads/priority-fifo FAIL tests/threads/priority-preempt FAIL tests/threads/priority-sema FAIL tests/threads/priority-condvar FAIL tests/threads/priority-donate-chain FAIL tests/threads/mlfqs-load-1 FAIL tests/threads/mlfqs-load-60 FAIL tests/threads/mlfqs-load-avg FAIL tests/threads/mlfqs-recent-1 FAIL tests/threads/mlfqs-fair-2 FAIL tests/threads/mlfqs-fair-20 FAIL tests/threads/mlfqs-nice-2 FAIL tests/threads/mlfqs-nice-10 FAIL tests/threads/mlfqs-block 27 of 27 tests failed. ../../tests/Make.tests:26: recipe for target 'check' failed make: *** [check] Error 1


I had the same problem today and it was because i was trying to set qemu as the default simulator so I changed line 103 in utils/pintos to

$sim = "qemu" if !defined $sim;

but i forget to change the SIMULATOR value in threads/Make.vars to

SIMULATOR = --qemu

Since I didn't setup bochs on my machine make check was trying to run the tests on it but if fails to boot.

Note that this is one scenario why tests fail to run, it could be another reason but since

pintos -- run alarm-multiple

is working fine, I think this might be the same problem you have.

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