my problem is that i try to execute shell script to copy created files from msbuild to AWS s3 via Jenkins.

Then i add new build step "Execute Shell" and set to execute shell script by command: sh publishS3.sh nothing happens and files doesn't apper in s3 bucket. my Jenkins use Local Windows Server.

Then i try to execute the shell script by typing sh publishS3.sh in Jenkins local directory all ok , files was copyed secessfully to s3 bucket , but if i try to do it from jenkins nothing was happen. My publishS3.sh script is:

aws s3 cp  Com.VistaDraft.Common.dll s3://download.vistadraft.com/MVP

i was tryed to to check witch output i receive after execute by adding at the end command > output.txt but Jenkins generate an empty file. If i try to do the same locally i was receive an message that i secessfully copyed files to s3. i Set the shell script path of jenkins C:\Program Files\Git\git-bash.exe and using git-bash.exe locally too. Maybe whom know where is a problem ? Please suggest.

  • If the command generates an error, it might not generate anything on stdout, so you need to capture stderr too with command > output.txt 2>&1. In general, make sure Jenkins / the Jenkins job has the right credentials to access the bucket – arco444 Nov 2 '17 at 9:57
  • @arco444 it helps to solve problem !!! I just added aws path to enviromental variables and all ok !! Please add your coment to answer i accept it ! – Андрей Ка Nov 2 '17 at 10:15

You could try to add -ex in the first line of the script to allow you to see what it's doing and ease the debugging:

#!/bin/bash -ex
# rest of script

Make sure the aws tool is in the PATH of the environment where Jenkins runs your script. It might help if you specify full path to the command.

You could put which aws in your script to see what's going on.

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  • #!/bin/bash -ex doesn't helps :( and i try to put which aws and it's /c/Program Files/Amazon/AWSCLI/aws it locally , but if i add which aws > test.txt at the end of the script and execute it from jenkins it generate an empty test.txt file. – Андрей Ка Nov 2 '17 at 9:52

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