I'm having problems in retrieving access token of an authenticated user. below is my configuration

ASP.NET MVC 5 Client:

  • OpenIdConnect
  • IdentityServer3 libraries
  • ResponseType = "code id_token"

ASP.NET Core Identity Server:

  • IdentityServer4 libraries
  • Client Config: AllowedGrantTypes = GrantTypes.HybridAndClientCredentials,

I'm trying to get the access token in my client using this:

AuthorizationCodeReceived = async n =>
    // use the code to get the access and refresh token
    var tokenClient = new TokenClient(TokenEndpoint, "clientid", "secret");
    var response = await tokenClient.RequestAuthorizationCodeAsync(n.Code, n.RedirectUri);      


I used this reference for above implementation - https://github.com/IdentityServer/IdentityServer3/issues/2457

but the properties in the response has null values. I need the access token so that the user logged in the client can access the api. Below is another way that i'm trying to retrieve the access token:

public async Task<ActionResult> CallApiUsingUserAccessToken()
    var user = User as ClaimsPrincipal;
    var accessToken = user.FindFirst("access_token").Value;

    var client = new HttpClient();
    var content = await client.GetStringAsync("http://localhost:6001/api/values");

    ViewBag.Json = JArray.Parse(content).ToString();
    return View("json");

however, user.FindFirst("access_token").Value; is null. I'm thinking of migrating my MVC client to Core because I've tried the IdentityServer4 version in an asp.net core but that seems to be a big migration to my part. Thank you.


It never occured to me that the endpoints in the IdentityServer3 differs from IDS4. I did have to change var tokenClient = new TokenClient(TokenEndpoint, "client", "secret"); to var tokenClient = new TokenClient("http://localhost:9000/connect/token", "client", "secret") since TokenEndpoint in IDS3 is http://localhost:9000/core/connect/token which the endpoint "core" does not exist in IDS4. I'm able to get the access token in this line var tokenResponse = await tokenClient.RequestAuthorizationCodeAsync(n.Code, n.RedirectUri); but after authorization, i'm still getting nullreference exception to this var accessToken = user.FindFirst("access_token").Value; line of code.

  • What's your scope value? – Karthik Nov 3 '17 at 9:11
  • i believe it is not related to the scope value since it is working in my MVC client (Core) with IDS4 implemented. but here it is: IdentityServerConstants.StandardScopes.OpenId, IdentityServerConstants.StandardScopes.Profile, IdentityServerConstants.StandardScopes.OfflineAccess, "myapi" – pau_learnstocode Nov 5 '17 at 12:00

Given the IdentityServer 4 documentation on

and an example client from IdentityServer3.Samples

you should be able to setup a working environment.

To support debugging you should always do proper response handling as shown in example below and copied from example client. Add any response errors to your question.

 Notifications = new OpenIdConnectAuthenticationNotifications
                    AuthorizationCodeReceived = async n =>
                            // use the code to get the access and refresh token
                            var tokenClient = new TokenClient(

                            var tokenResponse = await tokenClient.RequestAuthorizationCodeAsync(
                                n.Code, n.RedirectUri);

                            if (tokenResponse.IsError)
                                throw new Exception(tokenResponse.Error);

Finally I recommend to add code for all important parts of an IdentityServer3/4 based setup - because the truth is usually burried in the details.

  • thanks for this, sascha. i'll try and implement. Will get back asap. – pau_learnstocode Nov 5 '17 at 12:01
  • thanks @Sascha. i added the remaining code in AuthorizationCodeReceived in the sample. I got confused when i followed this post (github.com/IdentityServer/IdentityServer3/issues/2457) removed those codes the manually adds the access token in the claims. I was searching for a way to not see the access token via claims just like in IDS4 (ASP.NET CORE) implementation wherein it can be retrieved in HttpContext.GetTokenAsync but this is not available in IDS3 (ASP.NET MVC 5) – pau_learnstocode Nov 5 '17 at 16:15

According to these posts, https://github.com/IdentityServer/IdentityServer3/issues/2457 & https://github.com/IdentityServer/IdentityServer3/issues/2015#issuecomment-172623173, it is a good practice to not include the access token in the claims. Hence, I followed his example, https://github.com/Mich-b/IdentityServerTMLClient/blob/master/IdentityServerTMLClient/Startup.cs, in which the access token is added in the Http Session storage.

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