I create my nuget packages in gitlab with the following command line.

nuget pack -Prop Configuration=Release -OutputDirectory nuget %REPONAME%\%APPNAME%\%APPNAME%.csproj

If I declare Build Action to Content and Copy To Output Directory to Always, it is not applied in the nuget package or rather when I install it.

I'm a little bit confused about the answers here: Set content files to "copy local : always" in a nuget package

I don't have a *.nuspec file. It is automatically generated by the command above.

  1. I have declared a Install.ps1 file in my solution in tools/*
  2. I want to automatically include the tools folder with the Install.ps1 script into the nuget package, that this script is invoked on install

Install.ps1 script

param($installPath, $toolsPath, $package, $project)

$configItem = $project.ProjectItems.Item("snap7.dll")

# set 'Copy To Output Directory' to 'Always'
#    0 = Never
#    1 = Always
#    2 = PreserveNewestFile
$copyToOutput = $configItem.Properties.Item("CopyToOutputDirectory")
$copyToOutput.Value = 1

# set 'Build Action' to 'Content'
#    0 = None
#    1 = Compile
#    2 = Content
#    3 = EmbeddedResource
$buildAction = $configItem.Properties.Item("BuildAction")
$buildAction.Value = 2
  • How about this issue? Could you get useful information from Wendy answer? I have created a package with install.ps1 in the Tools folder, it works fine when I install it:1drv.ms/u/s!Ai1sp_yvodHfe8hmU7Duo9pCh5U – Leo Liu-MSFT Nov 6 '17 at 8:27
  • This is not the solution I want to have. I'm currently developing a little application to add this file automatically in gitlab. – Dominic Jonas Nov 6 '17 at 8:42
  • Thanks for your reply. Since you want to add install.ps1 automatically, which was not included in your previous question (If I declare Build Action to Content and Copy To Output Directory to Always, it is not applied in the nuget package or rather when I install it.). So you can update you question and share your solution here, so it could help other community members who get the same issues. Thanks. – Leo Liu-MSFT Nov 6 '17 at 8:55

You need to add your install.ps1 file into your nuget package.

After use nuget pack command that you provided in your original post, it will generate a package in nuget folder.

Then please open this package with NuGet Package Explorer and add a tools folder through CONTENT -> Add -> Tools Folder in NuGet Package Explorer menu. And then add your install.ps1 file into the tools folder.

Now when the package install into a project, it will call the install.ps1 file to set the file's Copy To Output Directory property as Copy Always.


To automatically add files/folders to a nuget package, I have written a little tool called NuGetLib.

The global variables are automatically set in the installer.

In my .gitlab-ci.yml only these 4 lines are needed to build the nuget package with all dependencies and the tools folder:

# create output directory
- mkdir nuget
# create nuget package
- nuget pack -Prop Configuration=Release -OutputDirectory nuget %REPONAME%\%APPNAME%\%APPNAME%.csproj
# Add tools folder
- nugetlib add -t nuget -f .\%REPONAME%\%APPNAME%\tools
# deploy package to local repo
- xcopy /s /y /i nuget %NUGET_PATH%

You can download it here: https://github.com/dojo90/nugetLib/releases

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