I have some heavy queries in my server and I want to copy the full query (more than 1024 characters).

But the field from view pg_stat_activity dont show me more than 2014.

I saw that I can change the postgres server parameter track_activity_query_size, but I dont want to restart my server to apply it, and I am not sure if it works really. So, there is another table, view, function, or something I want to find it? The full execution query.



All the views and functions that show the query string only seep a maximum of track_activity_query_size characters.

Unless you want to use the log file, as "a horse with no name" suggested, you'll have to restart the server.

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  • Didint test it, but I think I will change the parameter value btw. Thanks. – Deiwys Nov 2 '17 at 18:36

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