I wanted to add some stories for vue-select component using Storybook, but I'm struggling with more complicated cases, which involve passing props or methods.

When I pass props inside the template it works:

storiesOf('VSelect', module)
.add('with labeled custom options', () => ({
        components: {VSelect},
        template:   `<v-select :options='[{value: "CA", label: "Canada"}, {value: "UK", label: "United Kingdom"}]' />`

I find it not very readable, so I wanted to pass them separately as props or data:

.add('with labeled custom options as props', () => ({
        components: {VSelect},
        props:      {options: [{value: "CA", label: "Canada"}, {value: "UK", label: "United Kingdom"}]},
        data:       {options: [{value: "CA", label: "Canada"}, {value: "UK", label: "United Kingdom"}]},
        template:   `<v-select />`

but neither data, nor props are not recognized by storybook - they seem to be ignored.


I've solved it.

.add('with labeled custom options as props', () => ({
        components: {VSelect},
        data() {
            return {
                options: [{value: "CA", label: "Canada"}, {value: "UK", label: "United Kingdom"}]
        template:   `<v-select :options="options" />`

There were 2 problems with my former approach:

  • Passed data was not wrapped in a function
  • I should have pass data only. Using both props and data seems to make Vue return a warning (The data property "options" is already declared as a prop.) and ignore passed data (even though it's just a warning not an error, which I find odd)
  • If you want props (from storybook knobs) to be reflected dynamically into the component's props, you can use computed. Example: props: { KnobTitle: { default('Title', 'Title Text') } }, computed: { componentProp() { return { ComponentTitle: this.KnobTitle }; } }, template: '<MyComponent :my-prop="componentProp">'} – kennethc Jun 15 at 4:02

Have you tried to bind the options in data with the options on your VSelect component?

Like this:

.add('with labeled custom options as props', () => ({
        components: {VSelect},
        data:       {options: [{value: "CA", label: "Canada"}, {value: "UK", label: "United Kingdom"}]},
        template:   `<v-select :options="options"/>`
  • Yes, I have it in my imported Vselect.vue: <v-select v-model="selected" :options="options"></v-select>, so I don't need it in my stories/index.js, right? – van_folmert Nov 2 '17 at 15:03
  • Anyhow, after adding it to .add() in stories/index.js it still doesn't work. – van_folmert Nov 2 '17 at 15:06

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