The current aria-label format for the react-day-picker is

  aria-label="Sun Oct 29 2017"

but how to change it to different format like

  aria-label="29, OCTOBER SUNDAY 2017"

reading through the documentation couldnt help in finding out whether this can be customized

  • resolved it formatDay (d: date, locale: String) ⇒ String Format the string used as aria-label for the given day – raghul Nov 2 '17 at 20:01

You can change the formatDay function:


to return the string you prefer, e.g.:

import DayPicker, { LocaleUtils } from "react-day-picker";

function formatDay(d, locale) {
    return <span>{d.getDate()}-s{d.getMonth()}-{d.getFullYear()}</span>

<DayPicker localeUtils={ { ...LocaleUtils, formatDay } } />
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