I am using Regexp::Grammars to search and extract information from a complex textual source, but ultimately I want to also make replacements on that source. Is there a way to accomplish this either directly or indirectly using Regexp::Grammars?

For example, suppose I have the following definition:

use Regexp::Grammars;
qr {

    <rule: element> 
        <target> | <word> | <bracket>

    <rule: target> 
        <define> \( (<word>)* \)

    <token: define>

    <token: word>

    <token: bracket>

How would I replace all <target>s with some replacement that is say a function of the <word> between the brackets?

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    I doubt that's possible, but if you ask Damian directly I am sure we are in for a nice talk at the next Perl Conference. :) – simbabque Nov 2 '17 at 19:55
  • Would Autoactions or Parse-time data processing help? Something along the lines where the method called by target would manage the required replacement? Challenge is how to get the un-affected part of the input string to the output without too much clutter. – Stefan_E Jan 3 at 13:20

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