I have a small problem with domain names and dns configs. There are two domains: application12345.com domain and example.com. I want to show my application on domain example.com.

I try to create an alias example.com TO application12345.com.

I made

www.example.com 'CNAME' application12345.com
example.com 'Web alias' application12345.com

So example.com gets application12345.com index page. If I click the link than content changes, but URN part is always the same.

Could you help me please? What should I do to show urn changes on example.com domain ?

P.S. Finally you can test it here:



My final solution which works

  1. cryptoflick.fr web forward http://cryptoflick.fr
  2. www.cryptoflick.com CNAME prod-env.uy7cvnaywj.eu-west-2.elasticbeanstalk.com
  3. *.cryptoflick.com CNAME prod-env.uy7cvnaywj.eu-west-2.elasticbeanstalk.com

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