I've written a small piece of coffeescript code for Atom editor to update a timestamp comment on certain files just before they are saved, and it works perfectly.

Unfortunately, this modification ends up, obviously, on Atom's undo stack, so if after saving these files I undo my changes, the timestamp is undone before the previous changes. For this reason I want to remove this timestamp update from the undo stack.

I know I can pack multiple changes into a single undo transaction using TextBuffer.transact() or TextEditor.transact(), but I can't find how to just remove last entry (or entries) from the undo stack.

Is the only solution to access directly the historyProvider and mess with the undostack Array? Frankly, right now I don't know which side-effects this can have, but I don't find anything in Atom API todo what I need.

Thanks a lot in advance, as always :)


Sorry for the auto-answer, but I found a way of achieving what I want.

Using Editor.insertText(text, {undo: 'skip'}, a text insertion can be removed from the undo stack, and the same option can be provided for setTextInRange, which is what I was using previously.

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