Can anyone recommend a good standalone class (not part of PEAR) or another method for me to grab some basic meta data from about 1,400 MP3 files?


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Works with both ID3 v1 and V2. Reads more than just id3 but should fit the bill. You can also play with the following taken from http://www.htmlhelpcentral.com/messageboard/showthread.php?t=12006

class CMP3File { 
 var $title;var $artist;var $album;var $year;var $comment;var $genre; 
 function getid3 ($file) { 
  if (file_exists($file)) { 
   if ($tag == "TAG") { 
    return true; 
   } else { 
    return false; 
  } else { return false; } 
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    GetID3 on sourceforge works but is a lot more than people might need. The CMP3File class you pasted works really great with ID3v1, but most mp3s these days are using v2 or v3. Here is a tutorial posted online on using PHP + ID3v3 tags (script-tutorials.com/id3-tags-reader-with-php) -- I coupled this with audiojs HTML5 playlist player (kolber.github.io/audiojs) and it works like a dream.
    – degenerate
    Oct 27, 2013 at 22:29

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