So I am attempting to use Entity Framework Core to call a stored proc and get some rows back into objects.

Following examples from the solution I was working in I had everything in place but it isn't working correctly to call the stored procedure or map the results back.

This was from a piece of code:

var list = this.context.DocumentList.FromSql<Document>("EXECUTE spSelDocsList @_iUserNumber", new { @_iUserNumber = UserId }).ToList();

Returning error:

"No mapping to a relational type can be found for the CLR type '<>f__AnonymousType23'."


After searching for this error more and trying to determine why it was returned I figured this out inadvertently.

From this stack overflow post: No mapping exists from object type System.Collections.Generic.List when executing stored proc with parameters in EF 4.3

Turns out that passing an anonymous object for the SqlParameter will lead to this No Mapping to a relational type can be found for the CLR type '<>f__AnonymousType23'.

The fix for this to the code was simple, first put the parameter in an actual SqlParameter object. But passing that SqlParameter object wasn't working so by putting that in a List and returning that ToArray() IS accepted by the EF FromSql method.

 List<SqlParameter> sqlParameters = new List<SqlParameter>();
 sqlParameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@_iUserNumber", userId));

 var list = context.DocumentList.FromSql<Document>("EXECUTE spSelDocsList @_iUserNumber", sqlParameters.ToArray()).ToList();
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