I use python-mode.el and have just discovered Pipenv. I can start Python within a project environment from a terminal by first changing to the project directory and entering "pipenv run python". But python-mode wants to execute a process, not a command string.

I tried creating a shell script like this:

cd ~/myprojectdir
pipenv run python

but got this complaint

Warning: the environment variable LANG is not set!
We recommend setting this in ~/.profile (or equivalent) for proper expected behavior.

This variable is set in my terminal environment: how do i ensure it's set for pipenv? But the bigger question is, how do i run this pipenv virtual environment python inside emacs to get a buffer with a Python process?

  • typically, you use pipenv to create a virtual environment and use pipenv shell to enter it. Nov 3, 2017 at 21:23
  • I'm trying to enter the virtual environment and run python in Emacs, as a python-mode buffer. I can start a shell inside Emacs, and then do pipenv run python, but that's still a shell-mode buffer, not a python-mode buffer.
    – SeanB
    Nov 3, 2017 at 21:38

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pipenv.el helps here, by setting the appropriate variables and providing a porcelain around Pipenv inside Emacs.


Looks like i have to explicitly source my .bashrc file (or equivalent). Changing the contents of my runpipenv.sh script to this

source ~/.bashrc
cd ~/myprojectdir
pipenv run python

(where my .bashrc file sets LANG) and then calling

(setq py-shell-name "runpipenv.sh")

in Emacs seems to work.

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