I am facing the same issue where I am using Jboss 5.1 server and my session timeout doesnt work. I have tried the above steps by setting in deployers/jbossweb.deployer/web.xml . Also i tried by programmatically forcing the timeout using - HttpSession.setMaxInactiveInterval(int seconds) But still it doesnt get timed out.

Please suggest/ help....


if you set the value to 0 it timesout immediately.

if you want the session to stay idle till 60 minutes then specify in seconds 60*60


i think literally u are calling HttpSession.... .the above does not work . try below ,also let me know how you have configured in web.xml(paste the configuration in your question.)


while you need to specify the runtime parameter while running JBOSS server as below , to do it go to jboss-5.0.1.GA\server\default\deploy then edit the xml file named properties-service.xml and add the following xml snippet .

 // Set raw properties file style properties.

<attribute name="Properties">
  • Hi,I want it to time out after 60 minutes. I have tried the following ways 1. setting in WEB-INF/web.xml 2. deployers/jbossweb.deployer/web.xml 3. programmatically setting as HttpSession.setMaxInactiveInterval(timeout) .. None of the three worked for me. Please suggest.... – Sunayna Jan 17 '11 at 11:27
  • This is what i did. – Sunayna Jan 17 '11 at 11:41
  • Hi , This is what i did. First i made an entry in web.xml made an entry :- <session-config> <session-timeout>60</session-timeout> </session-config> . When that didnt work i tried :- HttpSession session = request.getSession(); session.setMaxInactiveInterval(3600); But this is not helping me. – Sunayna Jan 17 '11 at 11:42
  • Hi , I specified the runtime parameter while running JBOSS server by editing the xml file named properties-service.xml and added the following xml snippet . <attribute name="Properties"> org.apache.catalina.STRICT_SERVLET_COMPLIANCE=false </attribute> But still its not working for me. Session is not getting timed out after 60 mins... I am programatically killing the session by saying session.setMaxInactiveInterval(3600); Please help. – Sunayna Jan 28 '11 at 12:17

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