I have installed the newer Android Studio on my new Asus computer, but when I try to run the emulator via the android virtual device manager and create a virtual device, I get an error every time like this:

Screen shot of AVD Manager Virtual Device Configuration screen


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I had a similar problem.

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

  2. When you select a System Image, press enter (click or double-click didn't work for me). Wait for Android Studio to download missing components.

  3. Now, if you select the System Image, the "next" button will be active. Click on "next" to continue creating your virtual device.

Please note that the download could take a very long time. You may wish to try using HTTP by unchecking use secure connection, like this:


File -> Settings -> Appearance and Behavior -> System Settings -> Updates -> then click on "Use Secure Connection"

  • So there is always some to be downloaded even if there's no link 'download'... "Select" means "press enter"...
    – Fil
    Dec 8, 2021 at 21:57
  • "When you select a System Image, press enter click or double-click didn't work for me)" .... this is still true ... or at least it was for me.
    – glaucon
    Feb 29 at 2:25

Click the download arrow 🡇 next to the system image of your choice,
in my case, Tiramisu (API level 33).

This will start the download you want.

'A system image must be selected to continue.'

The system image is typically 1.4 GB, so expect the download to take several minutes.

When completed, the download arrow is gone, indicating that this system image is "selected".
And the Next button is now clickable.

'A system image has been "selected".'


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