My application makes multiple api calls at a time from different actions. Suppose 4/12 actions give error response, Store needs to get update with all error messages(An array of 4 error messages). Finally I need to display all 4 errors popups at header. I heard of redux catch. Can anyone explain with sample code.


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If you are using middleware,

import { createStore, applyMiddleware } from 'redux';

import reduxCatch from 'redux-catch';

import reducer from './reducer';

function errorHandler(error, getState, lastAction, dispatch) {
  console.debug('current state', getState());
  console.debug('last action was', lastAction);
  // optionally dispatch an action due to the error using the dispatch parameter

const store = createStore(reducer, applyMiddleware(

See detailed doc on Redux-catch.

Also, check these questions:

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