I want to have for admin the full toolbar but for the users the zikula configured one. I figured out already which template to change:


Of course I can just change it there. But I want to be safe in case of Scribite update. So I know I have to place my changed copy into


What is the ...?

Same question for the toolbar configuration file


Where is this file going?

I asked that question already some months ago: How can I manage to have two different toolbars in CKEditor for two different groups? But now the ScribiteModule is transfered to the new symfony stile and not Zikula legacy anymore.


I'm quite sure you cannot override these templates as they are in non-standard locations from a traditional Symfony model (intentionally).

You may be able to assign a different editor using a textarea override, if the textareas have different DOM ids

  • Is there a chance to change Scribite that way so I would be able to override my template? If there is a chance I would create a feature request. For the Moment I did my changes inside the module itself and have to rmember to redo it after upgrade. – rallek Nov 6 '17 at 11:40
  • no way that I know of – craigh Nov 6 '17 at 21:15

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