I am unable to deploy an existing docker image to Heroku.


docker run -it --name xp-home enonic/xp-home
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --volumes-from xp-home --name xp-app enonic/xp-app

The steps I took to do it.

heroku login
sudo heroku container:login
sudo docker tag dpd-image registry.heroku.com/hidden-mountain-63983/web
sudo docker push registry.heroku.com/hidden-mountain-63983/web
heroku open -a hidden-mountain-63983

What Am I doing wrong here?

Thank you in advance

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I'll answer this for others that might have the same question.

As per the Heroku Container Registry & Runtime (Docker Deploys) documentation, you need to release the image. In your case

heroku container:release registry.heroku.com/hidden-mountain-63983/web

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