I make a simple program in excel that connect to access. The user of this program not good with coding/access, So it should be done with only a few clicks.

the workflow: 1. Import the raw data from BW (in excel) to access. (without ID and has 28k rows) 2. Add the ID Column with autonumber

I use this code for the second part:

   acObj.CurrentDb.Execute "ALTER TABLE " & ptableName & " ADD COLUMN ID COUNTER (1, 1);", dbFailOnError

and appears error : 3035 system resource exceeded.

*with only 16k rows works just fine.

Any solution?


You could remove dbFailOnError, and use dbInconsistent instead. That way the query is executed non-transactionally.

The odds of this query failing are pretty much none (it fails if there already is an ID column, but you can check for that). Executing it non-transactionally means Access doesn't have to cache the result, and it uses less system resources.


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