I am getting problem like

"The IControllerFactory 'Spring.Web.Mvc.SpringControllerFactory' did not return a controller for the name 'Account'" . What does this mean?????

I am calling Logon method from controller named Account. but when same file is kept in home controller and called then it renderes.


I had the same problem. In my case I was using Spring.NET Dependency Injection and I forgot to declare the AccountController object dependency in the XML file.

One year later, I hope this helps someone.


I think it's a bug in a Spring.NET Spring.Web.Mvc.SpringControllerFactory:

protected override IController GetControllerInstance(RequestContext requestContext, Type controllerType)
    IController controllerInstance = null;
    if (controllerType != null)
        IDictionary objectsOfType = ApplicationContext.GetObjectsOfType(controllerType);
        if (objectsOfType.Count > 0)
            controllerInstance = (IController)objectsOfType.Cast<DictionaryEntry>().First<DictionaryEntry>().Value;
    else // there should be if (contollerInstance == null)
        controllerInstance = base.GetControllerInstance(requestContext, controllerType);
    return controllerInstance;

If controllerInstance cannot be gained from a Spring container - it should be retrieved from a base class (DefaultControllerFactory).

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