Currently, I have a chart which is combination of bar and line chart and I want to show the shadow on line chart is there any way to show the shadow on background here is the sample code to create line chartenter image description here

                objGraph.fillAlphas = 0;
                objGraph.lineAlpha = 0.7;
                objGraph.type = "line";
                objGraph.title = "îàæï";
                objGraph.lineThickness = 4;
                //objGraph.lineColor = "#" + 
                objGraph.lineColor = "#fff";
                //objGraph.customBullet = "images/star.png"; // bullet for all data points
                objGraph.bullet = "round";
                objGraph.bulletSize = 11;
                objGraph.bulletColor = "#fff";
                objGraph.bulletBorderColor = "#000";
                objGraph.bulletBorderThickness = 2;
                objGraph.bulletBorderAlpha = 1;
                //objGraph.bulletSize = 14; // bullet image should be a 
               rectangle (width = height)
                objGraph.customBulletField = "bullet"; // this will make the graph to display custom bullet (red star)
                objGraph.bulletSizeField = "bulletSize";
                objGraphdescriptionField = "description";

I got the solution to make a shadow over the line in a line chart. First, you have to make a JSON object which is used to create a shadow like

     var defs = {
        "filter" : {
            "id": "dropshadow",  // id for the line shadow
            "x": "-10%",   // position from x axis
            "y": "-10%",   // position from y axis
            "width": "120%", // width of shadow
            "height": "120%",  //height of shadow
            "feOffset": {
              "result": "offOut",
              "in": "SourceAlpha",
              "dx": "0",  //position from adjecent line along x axis
              "dy": "12"  //position from adjecent line along y axis
            "feGaussianBlur": {
              "result": "blurOut",
              "in": "offOut",
              "stdDeviation": "5"
            "feBlend": {
              "in": "SourceGraphic",
              "in2": "blurOut",
              "mode": "normal"

then simply you just need to add that JSON object to chart when you have bind the chart data like

chart.defs = defs;  //def object
var chart = AmCharts.makeChart("amchartdiv", chart, theme); 
<filter id="shadow">
    <feDropShadow dx="1" dy="5" stdDeviation="2"/>

Make a function using given filter and pass it in the line using filter id #shadow.

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