I have a drive with ubuntu 16.04, then two drives as zfs, now I moved all the three drives to another computer, and can not see zfs pool residing in the two drives, sudo zpool list returns nothing, and I do some zpool imports, all complain about :

cannot import '/dev/disk/ata-ST340014AS_5MQ40HNH-part1': no such pool available

any idea how I can re-import the zfs pool? THanks

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You seem to have tried to import a disk instead of the pool.

Try zpool import without arguments to list all found pools after a reboot (to rule out disk recognition errors when hotplugging disks). You should get a list of importable pools that can be imported by zpool import <id> or zpool import <name>.

If your export/shutdown on the old system was unclean, you might have to add -f, but try it without it first.


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