I encountered a nasty syntax error, when trying to use decorators in an electron, react, redux project.

Failed to compile B:/Projekte/sketches/electron-react-get-
started/app/pages/Layout.js: B:/Projekte/sketches/electron-react-get-
started/app/pages/Layout.js: Unexpected token (7:0)
SyntaxError: B:/Projekte/sketches/electron-react-get-
started/app/pages/Layout.js: Unexpected token (7:0)
   5 | import {fetchUsers} from "../actions/userActions";
   6 | 
>  7 | @connect((store) => {
     | ^
   8 |     return {
   9 |         users: store.users
  10 |     }
    at Parser.pp$5.raise (B:\Projekte\sketches\electron-react-get-
    at Parser.pp.unexpected (B:\Projekte\sketches\electron-react-get-
    at Parser.pp$1.parseDecorator (B:\Projekte\sketches\electron-react-get-
   at Parser.pp$1.parseDecorators (B:\Projekte\sketches\electron-react-get-
   at Parser.pp$1.parseStatement (B:\Projekte\sketches\electron-react-get-
    at Parser.parseStatement (B:\Projekte\sketches\electron-react-get-
    at Parser.pp$1.parseBlockBody (B:\Projekte\sketches\electron-react-get-
    at Parser.pp$1.parseTopLevel (B:\Projekte\sketches\electron-react-get-
    at Parser.parse (B:\Projekte\sketches\electron-react-get-
    at parse (B:\Projekte\sketches\electron-react-get-

As I stated in the question, I run the compiling stuff trough the "electron-prebuilt-compile" package. Which comes in handy and worked fine until now.

The npm page of this package says it's compiling is empowered by "electron-compile". electron-compile works for JS ES6/ES7 (via Babel) as stated on their github page, what makes me wonder why I encounter this "decorator" problem, as ES6 or at least ES7 comes with this feature. See edit

Any suggestions on how to fix this error? Electron-prebuilt-compile doesnt let me configure the webpack.config. Maybe I have to set up webpack myself? If I do so, how to combine it with electron?

As estus stated in his answer: ES6 doesn't include decorators, but "babel-plugin-transform-decorators-legacy" does.


'ES7' is ambiguous and technically incorrect term, because it colloqually referred to proposals that weren't included into ES6 (currently as ES.next), but also had referred to ES2016.

Package description refers to ES2016. While decorators are not a part of existing standards and supported in Babel via a plugin.

The package explains that it respects user .babelrc file, so it should contain transform-decorators or transform-decorators-legacy in presets section, and respective Babel plugin should be installed.

  • Thanks for the reply! I already knew there was a plugin for babel to solve the issue, but I couldn't put the pieces together. So I set up webpack and babel myself and removed electron-prebuilt-compile. It's the same outcome in the long run, but doesn't answer the question, so I'll mark your answer as correct – Reijo Nov 6 '17 at 10:34

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