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I need to parse text between two tags, so far I've found a wonderful tool called Xidel

I need to parse text in between

<div class="description">
Text. <tag>Also tags.</tag> More text.

However, said text can include HTML tags in it, and I want them to be printed out in raw format. So using a command like:

xidel --xquery '//div[@class="description"]' file.html

Gets me:

Text. Also tags. More text.

And I need it to be exactly as it is, so:

Text. <tag>Also tags.</tag> More text.

How can I achieve this?

Regards, R

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Can be done in a couple of ways with Xidel, which is why I love it so much.


xidel -s file.html -e "<div class='description'>{inner-html()}</div>"


xidel -s file.html -e "//div[@class='description']/inner-html()"


xidel -s file.html -e "inner-html(css('div.description'))"

BTW, on Linux: swap the double quotes for single and vice versa.

  • The command from "HTML-templating" extract only first occurrence. How to extract all occurrences? Consder multiple <div class='description'>. How to process all of them?
    – pmor
    May 23 at 17:13

You can show the tags by adding the --output-format=xml option.

xidel --xquery '//div[@class="description"]' --output-format=xml file.html 
  • This creates a new xml-template for a file, including the <div class="description"> tag itself. I highly doubt that's what RomanM wanted.
    – Reino
    Oct 30, 2020 at 10:20

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