How to set a different color for the upper and bottom area which is an outside safe area in iPhone X i.e for point 1 and point 2 in the image?

If I set the color to main view (point 3) then it gets applied to the whole view. I want to set the different color to an upper area of the safe area, to a safe area and to below bottom safe area.

enter image description here



add two views and give background color to them. if its not required in other view set hight 0 point of both view.

  • Thanks for updates Vishal. The approach you suggested were will work for now. But I am looking for Apple's API to set it. if any? – Rohit Kale Nov 7 '17 at 6:19
  • i dont know if any API for that. – Vishal Patel Nov 7 '17 at 6:22

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