I'm using PHP 5.6.31 I have to create LDAP accounts with HTTPS web interface.

I have a problem with two ldap fields:

  1. UserAccountControl : I have to set 66048 value (544 value works correctly) but i have this error: Warning: ldap_add(): Add: Server is unwilling to perform in C:****\traitement.php on line 82
  2. userPassword : The password in my Active Directory seems don't match with the password set on the web interface but no PHP error returned.

php code


You need to be on a secured connection to modify a password (and probably other security related options).

Add the following before you call ldap_bind():


This is a good idea even if you aren't trying to change a password as otherwise your bind operation is cleartext and can be sniffed.


Ok i think it can works with tls. I found an another solution with the COM class:

$ADSI = new COM("LDAP:");
$user = $ADSI->OpenDSObject("LDAP://servername/userdn, $ldapadmin, $ldappass, 1);

I hope it can help people :)

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