I have a requirement to have a new priority property rendered in the classic UI inbox when a user set the priority property during the initiation of the workflow in AEM 6.2.

I see this an OOTB functionality in AEM 6.3 but not in AEM 6.2 and the new Workitem handles priority. I understand the possibility of customizing the inbox in AEM 6.3.

How can I leverage the inbox customization in AEM 6.2?

I'm currently following the approach mentioned in Adobe forum.

enter image description here

Even after updating columns list, I don't see the new column in the inbox.



The approach you followed would work for CQ5. For AEM 6.2 follow the steps :

Taking a example to show the name of the workflow initiator 

1) /libs/cq/workflow/content/notifications/workitemdetails/items/content/items/itemdetails/items/well/items
create a new node : nt:unstructured
fieldLabel - String - Started By
name - String - startedBy
renderReadOnly - Boolean - true
showEmptyInReadOnly - Boolean - true
sling:resourceType - String - granite/ui/components/foundation/form/textfield

2) /libs/cq/workflow/components/inbox/list/json.jsp
add code :

WorkflowStatus wfStatus = res.adaptTo(WorkflowStatus.class);                
if (wfStatus != null) {
   List<Workflow> workflows = wfStatus.getWorkflows(true);
   if(workflows.size() > 0) {
     String initiator = workflows.get(0).getInitiator();

Note :
key name (startedBy) should match the name defined in new node

3) /libs/cq/workflow/gui/components/inbox/clientlibs/inbox/js/model/InboxItemModel.js
toJSON: function() {
startedBy: Granite.I18n.getVar(this.get("startedBy")) || "",

Now you can see the custom node entry in /notifications.html]

screen shot :

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