I have used identifierForVendor to uniquely identify a Device for one of my app, I am fetching this value on app launch and storing it into keychain by setting keychain property thisDeviceOnly. Now I am having issues, the identifierForVendor returning same vendor id when I tried installing it from itunes back up.

Steps I am doing:

  • I have two iPads say iPad1 and iPad2.
  • iPad1 has app installed say X already and iPad2 is a new device.
  • I have take taken backup of iPad1 on iTunes.
  • Now I restored iPad2 from the iPad1 back up using iTunes
  • I launched the X app on iPad2 and getting the vendor id same as iPad1
    app X.

did any one obsorved this issue or its something else? thanks.


I think this is because the keychain is shared on iCloud so any new device, synchronised with your iCloud account will automatically get the keychain.

  • I am setting keychain property kSecAttrAccessibleWhenUnlockedThisDeviceOnly then how is it getting copied. – Uma_Shanker_Tiwari Nov 7 '17 at 22:27

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