I am currently trying to add some code to Twig file that I already use with PHP. Made some changes based on https://twig.symfony.com/ but still can't get it work properly. Here is the .tpl file that uses php:

<?php foreach (array('catalog'=>'frontend', 'admin'=>'backend') as $k=>$v ) { ?>
    <label class="btn btn-default <?php if($interface==$k){ echo 'active'; } ?>">
    <input type="radio" name="interface" value="<?php e($k); ?>" autocomplete="off" <?php if($interface=="$k"){ echo 'checked'; } ?>> <?php e(${'tab_'.$v}); ?>

into this:

{% for k,v in array_path %}
catalog: {{frontend}}
admin: {{ backend }}
<label class="btn btn-default  {% if interface == k %} {{ active }} {% endif %} >
    <input type="radio" name="interface" value="{{ k }}" autocomplete="off" {% if interface == k %} {{ checked }} {% endif %}> {{tab_.v}}

and another expression:

<?php e($page == '_main_lang_file' ? $text_main_lang_file : $page); ?> 
    echo (isset($translations[$l['directory']]) && $translations[$l['directory']] != '') ? 
    hs($translations[$l['directory']]) : '<span class="notTranslatedSpan text-danger">'.h($text_not_translated).'</span>';

into this:

{{ page == '_main_lang_file' ? text_main_lang_file : page }}
{% translations l.directory && translations l.directory != '') ? 
    hs translations l.directory : '<span class="notTranslatedSpan text-danger">'.h text_not_translated'</span>'} %}

But I can't understand what exactly should do to make it work.

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Free resources:

1 openconverter.io - online converter, works only in some cases.

2 https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=marketplace/extension/info&extension_id=29835 - Twig Manager (add .twig support for your Opencart 2.x) - use twig theme on opencart versions 2.x.

3 https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=marketplace/extension/info&extension_id=31589 - OpenCart Template Switcher.

Quote: This module, when enabled, causes OpenCart to automatically detect the correct template engine depending on a template file extension (e.g. '.tpl', '.twig', '.smarty' etc).

Extensions and web themes can now use both PHP-templates and Twig-templates. This allows developers to easily port old OC 2.x web themes with PHP templates (*.tpl files) to the new OC 3.0.x releases.

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Your Twig syntax might be having some problems. If you understand how previous OpenCart versions work check out these examples.

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