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Can anyone help me for this, i want to add another timezone to this script like London (UTC+00), Hong Kong (UTC+8), Paris (UTC+1), Tokyo (UTC+9), and else . Thank you

function show()
var Digital=new Date()
var hours=Digital.getHours()
var minutes=Digital.getMinutes()
var dn="AM" 
if (hours>12){
if (hours==0)
if (minutes<=9)

document.write("Local " + hours+":"+minutes+" "+dn + "<br>");


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It looks like you are attempting to reimplement the toLocaleTimeString method available in most modern browsers.

I would suggest the following modification to your code:

function show()
    var digital=new Date()

    document.write("Local " + digital.toLocaleTimeString("en-US", { hour: "2-digit", minute:"2-digit" }) + "<br>");
    document.write("Tokyo " + digital.toLocaleTimeString("en-US", { timeZone: "Asia/Tokyo", hour: "2-digit", minute:"2-digit" }));


  • Thank you, i didn't think of that . – nyanko070 Nov 8 '17 at 23:41

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