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I'm having trouble decoding a base64 encoded string to an image in Swift. I've tried with a few different sets of data but they all don't seem to decode properly, as the results are always nil.

After quite a bit of reasearch, I've concluded that the string needs to be decoded into Data, create an image from that data and set a UIImageView's image to it. Simple enough, right?

let base64String: String = ...
let decodedData: Data = Data(base64Encoded: base64String, options: [])
let decodedImage: UIImage = UIImage(data: decodedData)
myImageView.image = decodedImage

However, after all my various attempts, the data ends up being nil, and I'm unable to create the image.

I have a feeling it might be the data that I'm using, but online conversion tools seem to have no problem using it. See below for a sample of my data and a website that I use for conversion.

String example / Online converter / Actual image

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Your Base64 string


contains "percent-encoded hexadecimal sequences", such as "%2F" for "/", or "%2B" for "+".

That is a variant used in URL applications, but Data does not handle it automatically. Therefore you have to remove the percent encodings first:

if let percentDecoded = base64String.removingPercentEncoding,
    let decodedData = Data(base64Encoded: percentDecoded) {
    // ...
  • Great, it works! Thanks for the links as well. – Evan Cooper Nov 8 '17 at 14:40

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