I am wondering how to compare the entry into a tkinter window to data in a sqlite3 table. I am able to read from the table but when compared to an "Entry" it never comes out as if the entry has been found.

def __init__(self, master):
self.frame = Frame(master)
self.firstname = StringVar()
self.surname = StringVar()

 def find(self):
    x = c.execute('SELECT surname FROM MemberRecordsTable')
    if self.surname.get() == x:
        found = Label(self.frame, text = 'Name found')
        notfound = Label(self.frame, text = 'Name not found')

def checkpayments(self):
    checkmember = Entry(self.frame, textvariable = self.surname)
    checkmember2 = Entry(self.frame, textvariable = self.firstname)
    findmember = Button(self.frame, text = 'Find member', command = self.find)
  • What debugging have you done? Have you tried printing out x to see if it is what you assume it is? – Bryan Oakley Nov 8 '17 at 23:31

cursor.execute() returns a sqlite3.Cursor object. You then need to use that cursor to get the actual query results. You could do that with cursor.fetchone() to grab the first result.

However, since you want to check if there are any rows in the database containing the value of self.surname in the surname column you can query like this:

c.execute('SELECT surname FROM MemberRecordsTable where surname = ?', (self.surname.get(),))
if c.fetchone():
    print('Not found')

This query will return rows from the database having the value of self.surname in the surname column. The query is performed using parametrisation to mitigate against SQL injection attacks which are present when accepting arbitrary user entered data.

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