I am sending the repeatable content to the mandrill template which tied up with mailchimp through API using "weblee/mandrill" in laravel(php).

Content format sending to the API

$this->data['products'][]['title'] = "title1";
$this->data['products'][]['title'] = "title2";
$this->data['products'][]['title'] = "title3";
$this->data['products'][]['title'] = "title4";
$this->data['products'][]['title'] = "title5";
$this->data['name'] = 'John';

public static function sendMandrilTemplate($template_name,$subject,$to,$data){
        $mandril = new Mail(env('MANDRILL_SECRET'));
        $message = array(
                'subject' => $subject,
                'from_email' => config('mail.from')['address'],
                'to' => array(array('email' => $to)),
                'merge_vars' => array(array(
                    'rcpt' => $to,
        $i = 0;
        foreach($data as $key => $value){
            $template_content[$i]['name']= $key;
            $template_content[$i]['content'] = $value;
        $result = $mandril->messages()->sendTemplate($template_name,$template_content,$message);

        return $result;

In mandrill template I am calling this data as following

    Hi <span mc:edit="name"></span>,    
    Products title list is as follows:
      <tr><th> Product List </th></tr>
      <tr mc:repeatable="products">  
         <td><span mc:edit="title"></span></td>

In email, I am not receiving the email content for repeatable products title, remaining is working fine including recipient name. Please guide, what I am missing in it.


According to: Mandrill Zendesk

Other aspects of the MailChimp template language won't be recognized in Mandrill, so if you've created a template for use in MailChimp, it may need a bit of tweaking to allow editable regions to be replaced by Mandrill. For example, repeatable areas in MailChimp templates can't be repeated via Mandrill so you'd instead want to add multiple mc:edit regions for the number of items or sections you want to include.

which is pretty terrible tstl =(

  • if your repeatable is very simple, maybe you just construct the entire html serverside and send it as 1 html_str variable. if it's complex but you only have very few repeats, then maybe just use their IF/ELSE/END logic to test for the exact number of block you need. – ggez44 Feb 14 '18 at 21:50

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