I am using IntelliJ for one of my java projects. It has to build with gradle and from the command line, it works fine, both build and run. However, Intellij is not able to build and run the project. It can import the project with all the dependencies, but it gives me this error:

Unable to save plugin settings: The plugin org.jetbrains.plugins.gradle failed to save settings and has been disabled. Please restart IntelliJ IDEA

I have already tried all the solution on the web:

  • removing cache
  • restart
  • enable gradle
  • enable grail
  • reinstall intellij

The problem in the project is that when I am writing the java code the parser resolves all the classes, however, at the moment of build I get 92 error of this type:

Error:(5, 32) java: package org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom does not exist

But the external libraries are resolved and installed by gradle. Any other solution?


As suggested by jetBrains support, the problem was related to some missing permission as the project was contained in OneDrive with placeholder function active. Moving the project outside the OneDrive directory will resolve the problem for now.

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