I got an error in the following code piece: Too few arguments to function showtbl::GetTabellen_ns(), 0 passed in abcde/folder/php.php on line 153 and exactly 2 expected

Don't know why I get this. I'm quite new to PHP Prado and in all programming so maybe a stupid mistake.

protected function GetTabellen_ns($offset, $limit) 
    $criteria=new TActiveRecordCriteria;
    $criteria->Condition = 'name = $name';
    $criteria->OrdersBy['name'] = 'asc';
    $criteria->Limit = 15;
    $criteria->Offset = 20;

    return prdtblRecord::finder()->findAll($criteria);           

protected function populateData_ns($offset, $limit) 
    if($offset+$limit>$this->Repeater->VirtualItemCount) {

Thx for help hope someone can help me.

edit: If someone can tell me how $offset and $limit get set would help me alot too.

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  • On line 153 you are probably calling $this->GetTabellen_ns() instead of supplying the two required arguments like: $this->GetTabellen_ns($offset, $limit) – rickdenhaan Nov 9 '17 at 11:17
  • THX this was right! but now i need to know where to set them – GermanMech Nov 9 '17 at 11:23
  • You need to provide them to the function call yourself on line 153. It doesn't look like that line is in your question (the call in populateData_ns already has them) so it's impossible to say what values they need to have. – rickdenhaan Nov 9 '17 at 11:25

You call the function like this: $this->GetTabellen_ns()

But function needs two arguments (offset and limit).

If you want to set these argument as optional argument, you can give them a default value like this:

protected function GetTabellen_ns($offset = 0, $limit = 0){
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