Im new here, never programmed before, and I need some help to start my apache. I dont know how to do it:

Please, open image below

If you know how to help me, please, send me a message!

Thanks a lot.

Make sure to install the Visual C++ Redistributable Prerequisites listed on the UwAmp download page for the version of PHP that you are using.

I have the very same issue with that software, but have some experience with other such apps. In my experience it's usually a port conflict. If you click on "Apache Config", click the first server in the list on the left (otherwise none is editable), I bet your port is set to 80? Try experimenting with the port setting. Set it to 6000, 8000, 666... whatever.

Every time I installed XAMPP ( a similar but larger local server) I ALWAYS ran into this prob, and it was ALWAYS the port setting.

Sorry for not being more specific than this.

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