Background: I am trying to convert WSDL/XSD to Java classes

Issue: package names generated is mismatching with the namespace. Last part of number namespace is missing, below 02 is missing from package

XSD has - xmlns="urn:iso:std:iso:20022:tech:xsd:pain.001.001.02"

Java class generated - package iso.std.iso._20022.tech.xsd.pain_001_001;

Steps Taken:

I tried with 2 maven plugin, both gave me same results.

  1. org.jvnet.jaxb2.maven2 maven-jaxb2-plugin

  2. org.codehaus.mojo jaxb2-maven-plugin


This works as designed. See Section D.5.2 of the JAXB Specification.

Step 2 says:

Remove the trailing file type, one of .?? or .??? or .html.

Apparently, .02 is considered to be the "trailing file type" here and is removed.

Consider using bindings to specify the target package.

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