What is the correct way of defining a model in Ionic 3 with getters and setters?

I followed this.

export class ItemModel{
    private _name: string;

    constructor(private n: string){
      this._name = n;

    get name(): string
        return this._name;

    set name(name: string)
        this._name = name;

Is it correct?

In some forums it was mentioned about a need to keep the code very short. So does that mean using getters and setters would affect the performance somehow?


Typescript supports accessors natively, which effectively handle the job of getters and setters. You don't need to manually define them as separate methods.


With typescript, you can just define it like below.You don't need to do big work.Typescript will do the rest.

TypeScript supports getters/setters as a way of intercepting accesses to a member of an object. This gives you a way of having finer-grained control over how a member is accessed on each object.

export class ItemModel {
    name: string;
    note: string;

let itemModel = new ItemModel();
itemModel.name= "My Name";

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