I have a mixed effects model:

Y_it = B0 + B1*[((a*X1)^{1-b}) + (((1-a)*X2)^{1-b})]^{1/(1-b)} + B2*X2 + B3*X3 + ... + e + u

Link to a formatted version. Equation (3) is the one.

The data is a panel (obviously with missing values). As I mentioned in a previous post, I am quite new to R. I do know how to estimate a 'normal' random or fixed effects with plm - but here I want to estimate two parameters (a and b) in addition to the other coefficients. I was told nlme could work.

I have my Y dependent variable and X independent variables in 11 columns (named YVARR, X1VARR, X2VARR, ..., X11VARR). I also have two columns for id and t (120 observations t per individual id and 100 individuals for a total of 12000 observations). As mentioned before there are missing values.

These would be my commands:

mydata <- read.csv("C:/Users/sstck/Desktop/dtt.csv")
data.frame <- mydata

nlme(model = YVARR~((((a*X1VARR)^(1-b))+(((1-a)*X2VARR)^(1-b)))^(1/(1-b))+X3VARR+X4VARR+X5VARR+X6VARR+X7VARR+X8VARR+X9VARR+X10VARR+X11VARR), data=mydata, random, start = c(a=0.2, b=2.1))

I have a good guess for the parameters a and b so I would like to specify starting values. However, as you can see from above, I do not know what to specify for 'random'. I was hoping someone could help.

Also, I do have SPSS so I'll take advice on how to estimate that model in SPSS as well.

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