I'm trying to compile a simple GTk app, but when I compile, build fail due to warning in GTK source…

Compile log:

   [Ada]          main.adb
gdk-display.ads:361:80: (style) this line is too long
gdk-event.ads:290:80: (style) this line is too long
gprbuild: *** compilation phase failed

Anybody have solution ?


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You could:

  1. Choose not to treat warnings as errors.
  2. Fix the issues the compiler complains about.

You can adjust compiler flags on a per-file basis in project files, so you don't have to drop your zero-warnings policy for the rest of the project, just because you do it for selected files in GtkAda.

  • It appear that the problem occur when I add -gnatg flag. – Yoratheon Nov 10 '17 at 20:47

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