Image that I've a module Xpto with the definition file:

// node_modules/@types/xpto.d.ts
export interface Vertx {
  createHttpServer(handler: () => void) : void;

And declare a helper to track my globals:

// runtime.d.ts
import {Xpto} from 'xpto';

declare const xpto: Xpto;

And finally on a JS file I have:

/// <reference path="runtime.d.ts" />
// @ts-check

xpto.createHttpServer(function (req) { ... }); 

For some reason I get an error on vscode: Cannot find name "xpto" but will work if i import the type:

import {xpto} from "runtime"

However this will generate broken code as there is no real runtime module it was just a way to me to declare which variables are available in the global scope.


I believe the problem is that import and export make the d.ts file into a module declaration. That is why the global versions does not work but the version with import does.

Try explicitly declaring xpto as a global using declare global:

import {Xpto} from 'xpto';

declare global { 
    declare const xpto: Xpto;

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