I have maven installed in system with overridden default m2 folder repository (it moved to another disk from default location) i want to make Idea used this installation instead of maven bundled in Idea itself. But in every time i override this maven settings in Idea it constantly change it to default when i open another project. I change it in Idea Default settings file -> other settings -> default settings -> maven and in file -> settings -> maven (here constantly changes to default) What am i doing wrong?


I'm not sure what you are doing wrong, but this worked for me using version Ultimate 2017.3 Preview:

1 Select File -> Other Settings -> Default Settings

2 From the list of categories in the Default Settings window, select Build, Execution, Deployment > Build Tools > Maven.

3 For the input field labeled Maven home directory:

  • Click its "find" button labelled "..." to the right of that field.

  • Locate and select the version of Maven that you want to become the default, and click OK. The Maven home directory field will become populated with your choice:


4 Click OK to close the Default Settings window. That's all, and there's no need to restart IDEA.

To verify the process:

  • Create a new Maven project: File -> New -> Project... -> Maven....
  • Once the project has been created select File -> Settings -> Build, Execution, Deployment > Build Tools > Maven.
  • The Maven home directory field should be populated with the directory you selected as the default in step 3 above.

(I think IDEA's menu entries could be improved. Having Project Settings and System Settings instead of Settings and Other Settings -> Default Settings might reduce confusion.)

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