I am working on a framework "beadledom". I am also relatively very new to IntelliJ Idea, I have used eclipse before, the beadledom framework contains the project sub-module, api service client In Eclipse if we want to run the services, I would right click on "service" sub-module Run on Server -> tomcat ; and it would run. My webapp is stored in "service" folder.

I have no clue how do I do it on IntelliJ

I did set the Run Configuartion. I am being asked to create a "artifact" in Edit Configuration>Tomcat enter image description here


The artifact is an archive, built from your project sources which constitutes your application. For Java EE web projects it is usually a war achrive which you deploy to an application server (e.g. Tomcat). In case of a Maven-based poject IntelliJ IDEA automatically creates web artifact, based on Maven pom.xml configuration which then you can select to deploy in Tomcat Run/Debug Configuration Deployment tab.

You could check Developing a Java EE Application tutorial for the general workflows in JavaEE-based projects in IntelliJ IDEA.

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