I have a Modal Form with the following code in the template markup

  <form [formGroup]="modalFG">
  <ion-item *ngIf="isChangeStatus()">
      <ion-select formControlName="jobStatus"
        <ion-option value=4>Success</ion-option> 
        <ion-option value=5>Failure</ion-option>
        <ion-option value=6>Terminated</ion-option> 
        <ion-option value=8>Inactive</ion-option> 

In the Typescript I've specified a value, but I can't get past this error.

Error: Must supply a value for form control with name: 'jobStatus'.

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

private modalFG:FormGroup;
private jobStatus:number;
  private navParams:NavParams,
  private view:ViewController,
  private fb: FormBuilder,
) {
    this.changeStatus = false;
    this.modalFG = fb.group({
      comment: ['', Validators.required],
      jobStatus: this.jobStatus
private ionViewWillLoad():void {
    const data = this.navParams.get('data');
    this.modalFG.setValue({'jobStatus': this.jobStatus});

private jobStatusChangeHandler(ev:any) {

private isChangeStatus():boolean {
    return this.changeStatus;

I also have button handler for submit with this:

this.exitData.jobStatus = this.modalFG.get('jobStatus').value;

This is the full error message:

Error: Must supply a value for form control with name: 'jobStatus'.
    at http://localhost:8100/build/vendor.js:22102:23
    at http://localhost:8100/build/vendor.js:22026:66
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at FormGroup._forEachChild (http://localhost:8100/build/vendor.js:22026:36)
    at FormGroup._checkAllValuesPresent (http://localhost:8100/build/vendor.js:22100:14)
    at FormGroup.setValue (http://localhost:8100/build/vendor.js:21907:14)
    at ModalPage.webpackJsonp.124.ModalPage.ionViewWillLoad (http://localhost:8100/build/main.js:648:22)
    at ModalImpl.ViewController._lifecycle (http://localhost:8100/build/vendor.js:17471:33)
    at ModalImpl.ViewController._willLoad (http://localhost:8100/build/vendor.js:17331:14)
    at OverlayPortal.NavControllerBase._willLoad (http://localhost:8100/build/vendor.js:44112:18)

Since it says ionViewWillLoad in the call stack, the error must be something in that section AFAIK!


My problem was that I wasn't providing all form controll values. For example:

<div formGroupName="form">
    <input formControlName="first">
    <input formControlName="second">

In this case, if you try to use method setValue and do not provide all controll values, like this:

this.form.setValue({ second: "" });

it will throw an error.


Either use setValue and provide value for all form controls:

this.form.setValue({ first: "", second: "" });

or, if you really intend to set partial values, use patchValue method:

this.form.patchValue({ second: "" });
  • Hi @Arthur Silva. I'll be sure to take a look at this next time I do some Ionic work. Thanks – JGFMK Nov 9 '18 at 14:25

Right... I had a form that used to only have a single form control, called 'comment'.

When I added a second, conditional form element, the syntax you need to use changes for setValue...

I needed to modify it from something like this:

  this.modalFG.setValue({'comment': data.comment});
  this.modalFG.setValue({'jobStatus': 0});



because I now had two fields on the form...

Then everything fell into place and the misleading message about not having supplied form field disappeared.

I hate the syntax of Angular here, changing it's functioning behaviour when you go from 1 to n values!

  • Not necessarily, you should have been able to do just: this.modalFG.setValue({ 'comment': data.comment, 'jobStatus': 0 }); – jdobry Feb 12 '18 at 23:44
  • @jdobry - Thanks. I'll bear that in mind next time. – JGFMK Feb 14 '18 at 9:15

You could also use patchValue to just set one or more inputs individually:

this.form.patchValue({ first: "whatever" });


private jobStatus:number;

jobStatus value is 'undefined'.

Set a value:

private jobStatus:number = 0;

to make it work.

  • I've actually tried the code without even having jobStatus as class property, and use a literal like 0 on the fb.group statements, and in the set/get's. So I don't think even that will solve it. Have tried removing *ngIf Condition, making values on ion-option quoted the works... Nothing seems to prevent the message Must supply a value for form control with name: 'jobStatus'. – JGFMK Nov 11 '17 at 9:52

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