I have string filename3333. I need to split this string to 2 separate strings filename and 3333. I want to split it with fn:split like that:

<c:set var = "filenameParts" value = "${fn:split(filename, 'REGEX')}" />

Is it possible to do it with JSTL fn:function by using REGEX or something like that?


Try to use below :

<c:set var = "filenameParts" value = "${fn:split(filename, '(?<=\\D)(?=\\d+\\b)')}" />
  • Thank you for your response. When i try <c:set var = "filename" value="filename3333" /> <c:set var = "filenameParts" value = "${fn:split(filename, '(?<=\\D)(?=\\d+\\b)')}" /> it gives me this exception : IllegalArgumentException: The expression [${fn:split(filename, '((?<=\\D)(?=\\d+\\b)')}] is not valid. Within a quoted String only [\], ['] and ["] may be escaped with [\]. – mathevs Nov 11 '17 at 12:20
  • you can try ${filename.split(regex above)} if you on servlet 3.0^. – Gurkan Yesilyurt Nov 11 '17 at 14:20

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