I have 3 regions in my apex page. R1,R2 and R3. R1 is a tabular region. R2 and R3 are sub regions of R1. I want to trigger a fake mouse click event on region R3 when a button is clicked, using javascript. so to trigger mouse click on region R3 ( static id: R3 ) I used the code


But that doesn't work. When I inspected the page, I found the region id as 'SR_R3_tab'. So I changed the code to


That didn't made any progress . How can I do this ?


Not sure what APEX version you are using. But I tried to reproduce your flow here.

What I basically did:

  • Parent child has a button 'Trigger Click'
  • Added dynamic action on click on that button, where the action is execute javascript: $('#R35171256286597705402').trigger("click");
  • List item R35171256286597705402 is the id of the child region. Not sure why yours is not following this format, because usually APEX generates these ids. But I fetched from inspecting
  • To validate, I added another dynamic action, but this time on click on the child region. It basically displays the alert

enter image description here

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