Hello I have the following setup:

01.01.2017      1      VALUE_A      VALUE_B     VALUE_C      VALUE_D

and so on

What I want to have is something like this

DATE           HOUR     KIND           VALUE
01.01.2017      1       COLUMN_A       Value_A
01.01.2017      1       COLUMN_B       Value_B
01.01.2017      1       COLUMN_C       Value_C
01.01.2017      1       COLUMN_D       Value_D

Right now I make it with UNION ALL which will start to scan the table 4 times. Is there a more efficient way for this problem that I do not see?

The most recent version of Oracle supports lateral joins -- which are faster. In some versions you can use unpivot, but I find that syntax overly specialized (the syntax is arcane and only useful for one thing).

You should get similar performance with a cross join and case:

select t.date, t.hour, c.kind,
       (case c.kind
            when 'column_a' then colum_a
            when 'column_b' then colum_b
            when 'column_c' then colum_c
            when 'column_d' then colum_d
        end) as value
from t cross join
     (select 'column_a' as kind from dual union all
      select 'column_b' as kind from dual union all
      select 'column_c' as kind from dual union all
      select 'column_d' as kind from dual
     ) c;

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