When I divide my subscriptions with resources, is possible to set the spend limit by resource group?


  1. Subscription 1 - 500 USD
    • Resource Group 1 - 100 USD
    • Resource Group 2 - 400 USD

As per my knowledge, it is not possible to set the spending limit by resource groups.

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Add tags to your resources to group your billing data:

You can use tags to group billing data for supported services. For example, if you run several VMs for different teams, then you can use tags to categorize costs by cost center (HR, marketing, finance) or environment (production, pre-production, test).

Note: The tags show up throughout different cost reporting views. For example, they're visible in your cost analysis view right away and detail usage .csv after your first billing period.

For more details, refer “Ways to monitor your costs when using Azure Services”.

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